2 Keys to increase the communication in your relationship.

Communication is very essential in every relationship. It determines if the relationship will be successful or hit the rock. Today, I’ll be giving us two (2) tips that can help increase communication in a relationship.

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Firstly, we should learn to give what we want to receive back. Therefore, when we want to agree or disagree, we should learn to disagree respectfully while acknowledging their feelings.  Acknowledging their feeling does not mean they are right, but it means I get what you feel, I get what you are saying, I can hear you but now, let me present what I am seeing and the way I understand things. This step will lead to a better conversation

Secondly, learn to be open and honest.
All it takes is one lie to ruin a relationship. All it takes is a lack of transparency to create confusion and chaos in any relationship. You have to try to be as open and honest as possible and here’s the thing, nobody is a great liar. Typically, people do try to sense that something is missing here and that makes them question you more.
Lies creates anxiety and insecurity and also creates a toxic environment, in the relationship.

Therefore, if you want to have a healthier conversation that will help and improve your relationship, you will have to be honest and transparent. Although honesty might sometimes hurt their feelings, but you have to learn that even hurting their feelings is much better.
For them to have to deal with the hurt of the truth is better than to dwell in the anger of the lie, because when it comes to lying to them, you create other problems in the future.

Truth creates a lot of more peace in the relationship and the chance of having a more healthy relationship in the future is higher, because you kept it real. Lie creates problem in any situation.

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