2020 B.E.C.E : RME practice questions for candidates

Hi dear followers, welcome to my education blog. Today’s subject will be Religious and Moral Education (RME)

Here are the list of questions we have made available for your preparation toward the forthcoming examination.


45 Minutes

1. The biblical commandment which has a promise of blessing is

A. remember the Sabbath day

B. honour your father and mother

C. not to commit adultery

D. not to make for yourself graven images

2. The main reason for celebrating the Homowo Festival is to

A. outdoor twins

B. hoot at hunger

C. visit the shrines

D. sprinkle spiritual food

3. Ablution is done before prayers in order to

A. have prayers answered in time

B. ensure purity of the body

C. get closer to Allah

D. win the favour of Allah

4. The parable of the Good Samaritan teaches us to

A. forgive others

B. be helpful to others

C. show gratitude to people

D. be time conscious

5. A summary of the ten commandments is

A. obedience to parents and the elderly

B. love for God and one‟s neighbor.

C. observing the Sabbath and keeping it holy

D. worshipping the Almighty God only

6. According to Akan belief, the order of creation is

A. earth, rivers, plants and sky

B. rivers, plants, earth and sky

C. sky, earth, rivers and plants

D. plants, rivers, sky and earth

7. The traditional man wears talismans in order to

A. give birth to children

B. become rich

C. seek protection against enemies

D. bring peace and love into his family

8. The Holy Communion reminds Christians of Jesus‟

A. birth

B. crucifixion

C. last supper

D. resurrection

9. Ramadan is the

A. feast of sacrifice

B. month of fasting

C. feast of breaking fast

D. month of Hijra

10. In Christianity, the sky, seas, animals and other living things came into being through

A. the laws of God

B. God‟s command

C. natural order

D. the lesser gods

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11. The patriarchal covenant was made between God and

A. Abraham

B. Aaron

C. Moses

D. Noah

12. Jesus accepted to be baptized by John in order to

A. make the Jews happy

B. show His faith in John‟s power

C. fulfil all righteousness

D. confirm His sonship of God

13. Some tribes forbid marriages with close relatives because

A. the couple may die early

B. it leads to bareness

C. it is seen as incest

D. it leads to quarrels

14. One way by which humankind pollutes the air in the city is by

A. the use of insecticides

B. the use of detergents

C. smoke from motor vehicles

D. smoke from the burning of wood

15. Which Christian virtue did Joseph exhibit in his life?

A. Humility

B. Forgiveness

C. Repentance

D. Tolerance

16. The festival celebrated by Christians to mark the resurrection of Jesus is known as

A. Christmas

B. Easter

C. Pentecost

D. Passover

17. A Muslim is a person who

A. comes from Arabia

B. visits Mecca annually

C. submits to the will of Allah

D. recites the Qur’an

18. In a prayer of confession, Christians

A. adore God who created them

B. say sorry to God for their sins

C. ask for help in times of trouble

D. give thanks for all the gifts they received

19. The combination of the Fajr and Asr prayers makes

A. two rakats

B. five rakats

C. six rakats

D. eight rakats

20. The main lesson that can be learnt from the story of Noah and the flood is

A. tolerance

B. truthfulness

C. sincerity

D. obedience

Study these and don’t forget to share with other candidates.

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