5 Major Reasons Women Stay In Abusive Relationship

I know a lot of you must have wondered why certain women, refuses to leave their husband’s house even after being mistreated by him. Some by constant beating or some in other ways.

Some of these factors are the main reason why such things happen.

  1. Fear: Fear varies from person to person. The woman might be afraid of what will happen if she at a point in time, ever decide to leave the marriage or relationship.
  2. Believing Abuse is Normal: A lot of women do not know the true definition of a healthy relationship. This is found to happen if such a woman comes from an abusive environment or an abusive family, where the father treats the mother in such way. In most of these cases, the children are likely never to have seen their mother complain.

Therefore, they may see it as normal thing and never recognize that the relationship is an abusive one and hence, unhealthy.

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  1. Embarrassment or Shame: Studies show that some of the victims find it difficult to accept or admit that they’ve been truly abused. Such people usually feel they have done something wrong by getting involved in such an abusive relationship or an abusive partner in the first place.

The fear of being judged by family, friends and people who hears their stories however makes them to want it kept a secret to avoid being misjudged which ends in pure embarrassment for her.

  1. Low Self-Esteem: When a woman gets involved with an abusive partner, who constantly puts someone down, judges them and blames them for everything that happened which lead to the abuse, it can make it easy for the victim (woman) to believe in those statements and believe that everything that happened, leading to the abuse is their fault. Hence, the feeling of self guilt.
  2. Love: Love is something that nobody can really explain how it works. Some women stay back because of the memories of the love they’ve once shared with their husband and they keep hoping that things will still go back to normal. The ones who have children usually decide to stay because of the love for their children. Knowing that they have something that bounds them with the man and not wanting the child to grow up with a single parent or the fear of a broken home. All such women want is just for the abuse to end but not for their relationship/ marriages or love lives to hit the rock.

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