A Slave Is A Child

There’s a Yoruba saying “Bi a se bi eru, la bi omo”. This simple sentence has a lot attached and a lot of people do not seem to care. As a guardian, this words should constantly ring in your brain. Having the mindset to balance your character toward your children and your slave.

A slave is also a child to someone. The only difference is opportunity.

I’ve seen some people maltreatment a child who lives with them, because the child has no choice. However, the truth they tend to forget is how the table can turn anytime. The future of a child will surely be bright. But what sort of memories do you want to leave with such a child? Will it be good or bad?

Learn to have little conscience, constantly placing yourself in their shoes and analysing if you would have loved to be treated in such manner.

Remember, A slave is a child.

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