Checkout beautiful women from different tribes in Ghana

There are over 100 ethnic groups living in Ghana. The largest are Akan, Moshi-Dagbani, Ewe, and Ga

The Ashanti Tribe is by far the largest tribe in Ghana, numbering about seven million in total and nearly half the population of the entire country. Other tribes include;

The Mole-Dagbon Tribe

The Fante Tribe

The Ewe Tribe

Ga-Adangbe Tribe

The Guan Tribe

The Dagomba

The Hausa

These numerous tribes are all filled with beautiful women and beautiful hearts. Nobody is ugly and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Generally, compared to women from other regions, Ghanaian ladies are quite respectful. They don’t brag, they are good listeners, and are also not so money minded. There’s also a common stereotype is that the Ashanti and Krobo women love money.

Let’s feed our eyes with beautiful pictures of different women in all of these numerous Ghana tribes. We are not discriminating, as the pictures will all be mixed

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