Chidinma Ojukwu Shares Reasons For Stabbing Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga

Chidinma, a suspect arrested for the murder of Super TV CEO Usifo Ataga, who previously denied having any knowledge about the cause of death of the man which occurred on 15th of June, 2021 has recently confess to her crimes. Stating several reasons why she did such a thing to the Super TV CEO.

Usifo Ataga Chidinma Ojukwu

According to her, it was not an intentional act as she never had any personal motive to hurt him. However, she had no choice when he was trying to harm her and she had no one to call on.

The suspect said after taking some substances, they had intimacy for many rounds but the man would not stop asking for more even when she was tired. She then said she noticed he wasn’t himself again and in bid to save herself from him, she did all she did.

Below is her confession;

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