Ghastly Motor Accident Involving 18- Seater Bus Along Enugu -Ebonyi Expressway

An 18 passenger bus seated with full passengers today, around 11:00am had an accident along Enugu -Ebonyi expressway.

Fortunately, nobody died in the accident but some of the survivors had injuries. This day was termed as a miraculous day for the people involved.

It is therefore obvious that, the vehicles involved in this accident which occurred around 11am disobeyed the lockdown order which does not allow interstate movement.

These vehicles were also said to have violated traffic rules as they followed one-way disregarding the highway traffic rules.

This resulted to collision of the two vehicles as one somersaults and hit a tree.

The timely intervention of people in the area saved the lives of the people. The bus roof was removed and the victims were rescued.

The above pictures were shared by an eyewitness on his facebook timeline, giving gratitude to God.

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