How to maintain Ankara face mask apart from washing, to prevent diseases

We all know that face mask is one of the most important thing at this point in time, in every nation across the globe. Face mask which has now become so expensive and due to the viral disease, has left people with just a single option, improvisation.

This therefore brought about the use of Ankara face mask as alternative. It’s is also known as barrier face mask as it does not prevent you from contracting disease.

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The Ankara face mask helps to reduce the spread of infections as it prevents direct contact of droppings when used.

Do not forget that other measures should be put in place like washing hands regularly and sanitizing.

However, the Ankara masks must be clean at all time and germs free. In order to achieve this, ensure you wash it with soap, antiseptic and dry under a high degree sun. When it dries, place under hot iron for few seconds before use again.

Neatness is the only thing that can help us achieve good health.

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