How to make your meat pie at home without stress

Being at home this period is an opportunity to try out new things, as we bond with our family.

We however think some of these snacks can not be baked at home, hence we spend a lot to buy them from restaurants.

It’s is not as difficult as we take it to be. There is always a way out or an improvised way of doing some things.

Today’s snack is meat pie. I will be teaching us how to make meat pie at the convenience of our home. Get ready to learn.

Ingredients needed for making meat pie

1. Minced Meat

2. Irish Potato

3. Carrots

4. Onions

5. Plain Flour for baking

6. Water

7. Vegetable Oil

8. Curry and Thyme powder

9. Maggi cubes

10. Salt to Taste

11. Baking Powder

12. Margarine/ Baking butter

How to make the sauce inside the meat pie

Start by cutting your onions, potatoes and carrots, mince your meat or you can buy an already minced meat, then put in a different bowl.

Place a pot on fire, but ensure it’s on medium heat and add your one big spoon of vegetable oil, when the oil is hot enough , add the onions and stir till it’s a bit soft.

You can then add the mince meat as you continue to stir thoroughly, in order to ensure that the meat breaks up into pieces. When it is done, add the diced carrots and potatoes you kept in the bowl, to the mixture on fire.

Add a little quantity of water, Maggi, salt, curry and thyme to bring out the original aroma and taste. Cook until all those ingredients are soft and make sure you check at intervals, to avoid the sauce getting burnt.

While that’s on fire, take 2 tablespoons of flour and mix it with half cup of water, stir until it begins to become milky.

When those things are well cooked, pour the milky paste of flour and water mixture, that you made and stir.

Switch off the heat and cover the pot, leave it to simmer for almost for 2-3 minutes, but ensure it does not dry up finally.

You should have a sticky vegetables paste right now, this paste is what we shall put inside our meat pie to fill it.

To prepare the dough (back of the meat pie)

Sieve your desired portion of plain flour into a clean dry bowl, add a pinch of salt and baking powder and mix together. Add your margarine and mix thoroughly until it’s in crumbs, like bread.

Begin to add water little by little and knead with both hands, until it forms a dough. Knead till it’s smooth. Cover the dough in a bowl and leave for 10 minutes, so it can stretch.

Break and whisk some eggs in a separate bowl, and set aside.

Cut pieces of your dough, place on a chopping wood, sprinkled with dry flour and roll with a rolling pin or a neat bottle.

Make sure it’s not too flat. Cut out the knead with a plastic or a cutter.

Scoop two spoons of the fillings and put inside each of the roll.

Apply egg to the edges before you close. Continue to roll out more dough, cut, fill and seal until all dough is exhausted.

Finally, grease your oven tray with oil and arrange all the sealed meat pie on it. Brush over the pie with your whisked egg, for a shinning smooth surface when it’s done.

Place in the oven on medium heat and bake for 1 hour.

Your meat pie is ready to be served


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