How To Prepare A Crunchy Home Made Plantain Chips

What prompted me to write this article, is the fact that I’ll be embarking on a journey soon. I’ll be travelling on road to a far distance and there will be need for refreshments on the way.

I know a lot of people prefer to buy things on their way to their destination, but I can tell you those things are not always as hygienic as we think.

Therefore, I’ll be preparing plantain chips, as I prepare it I’ll be showing us some of the steps I used in achieving a dried and yellowish plantain chips. It’s so yummy and I’m very sure you all will want to try it out.


Unripe plantain

Salt to taste

Vegetable oil with no cholesterol

Steps for preparing a delicious plantain chips

Firstly, peel the unripe plantain and put in a bowl of water to rinse other particles out.

Bring our the peeled plantain from the water, place in a big sieve and allow he water to drain.

Get a chopping knife and board, then slice the unripe plantain flat, in your desired shape. Just ensure it’s not too thick.

Place your frying pot on fire and put vegetable oil. Wait until the oil is very hot, then put your plantain and stir at intervals to avoid it getting burnt.

Once the plantain is yellowish and dry enough, remove it from the oil and place in a seive for the oil to drain out.

Repeat the same steps for as much as the plantain you want to fry. Enjoy every bit of your refreshment. You can decide to store it in your home fridge, after packaging in a plastic with cover. Enjoy with your family and even serve your visitors.

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