I’m happier and more blessed since I changed from Christianity to Islam – Actress Adunniade

A Nigerian Celebrity, Actress Adunni Ade shared her transformation story, how she was changed over back to Islam subsequent to being a Christian for such huge numbers of years.

She said that since she was taken back to her dad’s religion (Islamic) she have gotten increasingly glad and loads of favors have followed her up.

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The mother-of-two said she was destined to a Muslim dad and a Christian mother. Her stepmother is additionally a Christian.

She said she was raised a Muslim yet her dad gave them the unrestrained choice to pick whatever religion they needed.

As a grown-up, she went to various houses of worship yet said she decided to come back to Islam in 2016. She adds that since coming back to Islam, she feels “more filfilled*”, “more joyful”, and has gotten more favors. She said her first child likewise now rehearses Islam.

With respect to how she dresses, she said it’s in nobody’s place to decide what she decides to wear.

Peruse what she said beneath:

Do you know why I scarcely talk about Religion on here? It is very delicate for me. The prejudgment that accompanies it what not. You’ve gotta be very near me to realize what I practice.

So for the inquisitive ones who have been asking, Yes I am a Muslim. Naturally introduced to a Muslim home and was raised as one. In the event that you want to know, B2 in my WAEC Examination. 😊

I have a caring Muslim Father who has given his youngsters the unrestrained choice to pick any religion they like be it Christianity or Islam. My Mom is a Christian, however not a rehearsing one. My Step mother is a Christian, My progression sisters are Christians, my Step siblings are Muslims.

Have I been to a Church previously? Plentyyyyy of them. I once changed over, name the Church, MFM, RCCG, CLAM, CAC sure been there yet one thing was sure, Islam never left me. My methods for managing, my childhood, all I took in was from a Muslim and was what I really knew. I was terrified what people would think about me on the off chance that I returned to Islam and this continued for quite a long time. Around 4 years prior, dec 31st 2016 I concluded I would carry on with my life for ME. Only me! I returned to Islam. I feel satisfied. I’m more joyful. I have gotten more Blessings along these lines. My Oldest child rehearses Islam, supplicates and Fasts also.

Truly, I wear what I like, be it unobtrusive or not. Who are you to choose my inward aims.

You know, it’s simple for you to type on your key cushions and make suspicions, yet people who knows me will say something else.

Islam I was shown instructs me that we are decided on our aims by Allah alone. What’s inside, not what you see.

Not searching for acknowledgment from anybody. I need individuals to carry on with their life’s to it’s true abilities. Stress less of what the following individual is doing. Judge less, center around you and only you and watch incredible things transpire.

As Muslims do know, during the period of Ramadan, the Heavens are opened to acknowledge our supplications and petitions and Hell is Closed and satan is confined down there. How about we utilize this time carefully! I encountered Allah’s Greatness this time a year ago. I am anticipating accepting my Blessings this year and each other day subsequently.

I trust I’ve had the option to explain a couple of things… . you all have a stunning night rest.

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