Lady Claims Her New Baby Belongs To Mohbad

A woman has come forward to claim that the late artist Mohbad allegedly impregnated her, and she now states that she has a child with him after his death.

This news was shared on the video-sharing platform TikTok by the user @theexitime.

According to reports, the singer is said to have fathered a child with the unidentified woman in his hometown but chose to keep the relationship and pregnancy a secret.

The woman disclosed that she gave birth to the child shortly after the singer’s passing and she has now decided to speak out.

A video which was posted online shows the baby picture.
Here are some comments from other users ;
@badminton567821:this is the baby that resembles mohbad not the other one

@adepaburniton:Mohbad would have communicated through lyrics. we beg let us keep our anger in peace no come add salt

@ebukasamel1:nothing way hunger no de cause

@user7415811133437:yes they should go for DNA maybe the first one is not his son maybe is this one his son don’t ingonore her if na true the story

@izzadwoa:this might be true doing music comes with a lot of temptations let’s give her chance to talk do DNA and let her bring proof

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