Man Murdered His Friend For Making Love To His Wife In The Dream

A man known as Kwado Adusei Desco has allegedly murdered his friend for sleeping with his wife in the dream.

This was revealed after Desco was arrested by the police at Wawaase in Afigya Kabre, south of Ashanti region, Ghana.

The assailant was said to have reportedly murdered the victim after dreaming that he was sleeping with his wife.

According to reports, Desco lured his friend Kwesi Banahene to the bush and stabbed him multiple times until he died.

His body was later found in the bush, after he had been declared missing for a while.

It was also revealed that Desco had also tried to murder his own grandfather after claiming that the aged man stole his manhood and rendered him impotent.

Luckily, the old man survived the attack and is presently undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Desco revealed to newsmen that his dreams always come to pass and he could not afford to wait until he sees his friend sleeping with his wife. Hence, he had to kill him before it happened.

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