My girlfriend of 4 years has been cheating on me for 3 years

Hello, please keep me anonymous

I’m going through the worst right now, I can’t sleep, find it difficult to even eat or concentrate. My girlfriend of 4 years has been cheating on me for 3 years.

When I first found out, I was devastated but I’ve never loved anyone the way I love her so I forgave her. Right now, I’m tired of forgiving because it’s now too much.

I know I don’t want to be with her anymore because she’s also physically violent. She has hit me a couple of times. This is someone that I have done everything for to make her happy, I even went into that just to make her and her family happy but the cheating and lies never ever stopped.

She goes out with guys, when I complain she says she enjoys going out and I don’t. Truth is not like I don’t, I just can’t afford these places the guys take her to. I asked her to move in with me thinking it will help, but it even became worse.

Right now I don’t even know what to do. I’m so confused I can’t think straight. I feel like I need help to be able to come out of this.

I’m also very sure I don’t want a rebound or anything like that, I just need help. Someone I can talk to, that is willing to listen to me.

I’m just so confused and I hate the fact I get taken for granted simply because I’m quiet and calm but I don’t want to change, I can’t change.

I asked her about marriage a while ago and she said she wasn’t ready. At a point, it felt like I was disturbing her about it because her responses showed she was irritated.

I just don’t know where I went wrong in trying to love her.

Please advice me

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