Popular actress Halima Abubakar apologizes to American woman for using her baby’s picture, shares her reasons

United Nations youth ambassador and award winning actress, Halima Abubakar has apologized to the American mother whose baby’s picture she shared when she delivered her own baby, days ago.

The American woman was said to have delivered her own baby few weeks ago, took a picture of the baby holding her hand and shared it on social media.

Halima Abubakar said she has no bad intentions but only shared the most beautiful picture she found on Google, before she will finally take her child’s photo.

She shared a photo of a mother and child holding on to each other , to share her joyful news of motherhood to the world on April 3, 2020.

However, @the_arielb, mother of the baby and the owner of the photo which was first shared on social media (instagram) on March 13, 2020, called out the actress for using her baby’s photos as if it was hers, which has now gone viral.

She shared her private chat with Halima Abubakar as regarding the photo, showing total displeasure. See screenshots below;

Halima Abubakar however apologized in the conversation with the mother and promised to take down the picture immediately.

She has shared a piece of her mind with Nigerians as she wrote on her instagram page;

“He will be discharged tmr from icu.i didn’t post cos he was premature.God saved him.I just had to post this. For the people who didn’t see me, I have no close friends.I can’t show you a fragile child, I risked this just to post. @ruggedybaba update paddy mi.i Had to do this.Thank you. Besafe and stay safe.THE WORLD JUDGE WITHOUT KNOWING.I JUST HAD TO POST THIS AND HAVE A GOOD DAY✊🏼mummy m❤️”

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