Shackles of Love – Episode 1

Will you marry me?
I stared into his eyes and smiled. How will you ask such a question from a lady you just met? Do you even know what you want? How long has it been since you have such intention? Do you even know anything about me? All these were the questions bothering my mind as I never hesitated pouring them out.

He held my hand and spoke so convincingly, “it’s you I wanna spend the rest of my life with”. I couldn’t just believe it was the truth. All my life, I’ve known and have been made to believe men are cheats. I was lost in between my own thoughts, although I felt relaxed and so much comfortable being around him. I tried not to show it, but my incessant laughter gave me away. I was happy!

Few months before then, I lost what seemed like my virginity to the guy I was dating. Immediately it happened, my hatred toward him began and eventually grew to its peak as I never wanted to see him, hear from him or meet him ever again.

He was the one guy whom I decided to take our long friendship into relationship, considering the fact that he has been in love with me years before I eventually gave in trial whether we could make things work. Maybe he wasn’t really in love, but because he knew I was a virgin, wanted to take advantage.

Forward to months later, here I am with this new guy, fighting my negative thoughts and considering giving one more chance for love to build a new home with the pieces left inside my heart.

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