Shackles of Love – Episode 2

I was growing to like him. We would chat every time we’re online, even when one of us is not, the free one would call the other to join. The feelings started developing in few days. Could it be because I needed consolation for my heartbreak or was I really falling this time?

I felt so confused but the feelings were nice. I asked if he has a girlfriend but he said no. I wasn’t trying to look like the good girl, but I was trying to save myself the stress of getting heart attack due to jealousy or sharing my man with any other lady.

Men! Men and their deceit… Don’t think you know what I mean, smiles, you don’t!
He might actually have a girlfriend and pretend no to, so as to get to you. Men could always hide behind the curtain or even in the wardrobe… Hahahaha

It all started bit after bit, one thing led to the other and we finally started dating. He would wait to pick me up after lectures, sometime comes to my hostel if we didn’t have the opportunity to meet in school.

For the first time, a male was coming to my hostel and it really made people, or do I say gossipers to have a big topic of discussion. My room mates were not left out, I introduced him to them and the little friends I have.

Wasn’t that a big mistake?
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