Shackles of Love – Episode 3

One day, I decided to visit him. I called several times but his number wasn’t going through. So I went to his hostel instead of waiting for him to pick me up as planned. I got there but didn’t meet him. I was told to wait while his friends also tried calling him. This time it rang but no one picked…

I was getting really impatient and worried. You can’t blame me, I was in love. I tried to compose myself so it won’t look so obvious as I waited. One of his friend offered to teach me how to play ludo while I waited. Don’t look at me like that, it’s not as if I didn’t know how to throw the dice, but ludo game is all about calculating and counting your game smartly… So I understood the fact that I was never good at counting whatsoever it is I poured.

Finally, he arrived! I felt relieved and at ease. We greeted and I was just smiling as different guyz kept coming in from other rooms to proclaim how beautiful I look and being so inquisitive about who I was there to see.

Back to my Ludo game, I was still playing but losing… Guess what, my man came to my rescue, he bent over and helped me pour my dice and counted the game until I was on the winning side. I must say, I felt really impressed!

Then this last girl entered the room, one of their numerous friends I think. I never liked her since I saw her. I had this strange feeling about her. Stanley, she called out to my guy… Sorry, I never mentioned his name before now. Stanley! What of Esther? She asked
Suddenly, the room went cold as some of his friends tried to cover up by saying the lady likes to talk mouthful.

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