Shackles of Love – Episode 4

My mood swinged, I was cold, hurt and bittered at the same time. I felt like leaving immediately, I was crying inside of me and was faking a smile outwardly. Who is Esther? Was he dating her? Is this girl playing a trick on me? Was Stanley deceiving me about not having a girlfriend? All these questions rang in my head…

Baby are you OK? He asked.
Who is Esther? I responded.
She’s just a friend, there’s nothing between us. Don’t bother yourself about that.

I felt so uneasy as I sat on the bed. I had to smile deceitfully to everybody who came in pretending like I was the first girl he ever brought home.
Few minutes later, I excused myself to leave. They all escorted me to the gate, while he was left to follow me to bus stop. I wasn’t really myself all through the journey, but then I was finally able to wave it off.

Don’t look at me like that, I’m not a fool! Just that I’m long drown in the ocean of love that I now float on its surface. After all, I never caught him with her, she could be a friend like he said. I definitely can’t stop him from having friend neither can I ask him to quit all friendships because he’s dating me.

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