Shackles of Love – Episode 5

I got home and the thought once more came to my mind. I wished and silently prayed it wasn’t real. We had our long night chats as usual, he comes to see me during the day and sometimes we find time to meet in school. I so much loved this guy and I easily flaunted him in the presence of my friends and family.

But I noticed one thing, anytime I’m around him, Esther’s name usually pops up on his phone, either messages, chats or calls. I was forced to ask again if anything was between this acclaimed friend of his, which he innocently waved off by convincing me .

His gallery was filled with this girl pictures. Anyway, it’s possible I have lots of my friend’s picture on my gallery.

As time went on, I would visit him, prepare food for them, ensure their room is neatly arranged and even help him with his washing. I would buy lot of foodstuffs on my way to his place. It was my regular routine, that it will seem odd if I just arrived without buying anything. They all knew if I visited, some foodstuffs and menu menu would arrive with me.

I know what you’re thinking; that I’m a confirm mugu. Smiles, I know I am. When it comes to love, I found myself being controlled by my emotions while my brain is pushed aside. I wished I was able to think straight without allowing my emotions get the better part of me, maybe my life would have been better years ago.

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