The Pattern Christ Desire Of Us

God expect us to patten our life after his model. Pattern means a design that can be used as a guide, it is a standard that must be strictly adhere to when we call ourselves sons and daughters of God. Therefore, we must walk in line with the pattern christ desire of us.
There are certain patterns and conditions we must meet. Giving your life to Christ is just a step into the perfect image of christ, but you must follow the name of Jesus. He came in the personality of man to stand as an example of how we must live.

Genesis 1:26 says there is an expectation, specification and configuration. You are expected to function in the capacity of the sonship of God. There are so many things around but the expectation of the pattern is the son of God.  Man was created in the image of God, but lost it in the garden of Eden.

Lady looking up to Christ
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God had expectations, but Adam and Eve messed it up. However, God still found a way to make things perfect again by giving us his only begotten son.
Christ came for the work of reconciliation.  By nature, we all have missed it but christ came as a redemption of our lives.

You have to be conformed according to the pattern of Christ, imitate the life of Christ, and follow Christ steps before you can be called the son of God. Until your work, your life conform to the image of God, you are not fulfilling the purpose of God. The pattern Christ desire of us is just to do things exactly like him. Loving and forgiving others, then staying away from sin and uncleanness. I pray that God will help us in Jesus name.

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