The unwanted guest (Episode 1)

Hello.. Hello… Hello.. I can’t hear you, hello, I don’t know why the network is fluctuating. He moved out side the house to receive the call while closing the door behind him. For some days now, that has been his usual way of receiving some calls. I said some, because it’s not all calls.

Food is ready, I told him as he returns from his urgent call. He sat as I set the table to eat. Dear, concentrate on your food and stop being distracted by that phone you’re punching profusely.

I must say, it’s quite alarming the way my husband surf social medias nowadays. While eating, bathing, driving, at midnight when he ought to be sleeping and even at work, that phone is automatically his companion as he no longer pays attention to me in the house.

On this certain day, his phone has just rang as usual and I decided to take it to the room, but it disconnected before I got to him.

Meanwhile, a message displayed on the screen, a love message from another woman just delivered. I was heartbroken.

Stay tuned for episode 2

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