The unwanted guest (Episode 2)

I’m beginning to get fed up on the turn out of event.
When his phone rings, he rushes toward it as if he has been expecting the call for ages and gets unnecessarily restless. He no longer allows anybody to touch his phone, even our children. He prefers to give his phone to outsider whenever he had some features to set up, to avoid anyone in the house touching the phone.

It hurts but I wouldn’t want to jump ino conclusion and start picking quarrel with him. I was very calm. My mum has always taught me to be calm when it comes to men issues.
I decided to put that into practice. Being the best I could, prepare his meal and performing all my duties as a wife. I didn’t question him neither did I change my character.

What have I done wrong? What area have I not played my part ? I’ve been so caring and loving. For over twenty years that we got married. What could have happened along the way? I thought as I sat on the bed in my room.

Nothing went wrong, he has just started being promiscuous.
He would collect my monthly salary, leaving me with no money, not even to cater for my personal needs. I was heart broken at his new character. Yet, I never confronted him and I didn’t change from being the good wife. I would cry and pray in the closet, hoping that one day, things will change for better when he realises his mistakeā€¦

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