The Unwanted Guest -Episode 3

Months went by and things has actually gotten worse. He picks up some of his concubines on our way to work, claiming she’s someone who begged him day before to help her lest she be stranded at bus stop.

He now returns home late from work and doesn’t pick me up after work anymore. He gives me transport fare so I won’t disturb his movement. Recently, I found out he had even been going to hotels with them on Saturdays when he claims to be invited by higher dignitaries to give speech at events.

Back to the present, this week is a little better. He stays at home during weekend, stays away from phone, returns from work earlier than before. I initially felt happy that my prayers has finally been answered. Little did I know. My husband has gotten a new visitor in his life, which he brought home. I picked up his suit to wash this Saturday morning and I saw a note.

To be continued…

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