What to do if your boyfriend forgets your birthday

“I feel really unhappy. My birthday came up yesterday and my husband didn’t even remember till I told him today, being the next day. ” Many ladies would cry. To many people, birthdays are important celebrations. After all, it only happens once a year. So, when your significant other forgets that important day, it can be hurtful. But what to do when your boyfriend forgets your birthday?

Forgetting birthday can be a reason for some ladies saying goodbye. To some ladies, celebrating her birthday together is seen as a sign of love. Since he forgot, it means he did not love her enough. That also means she isn’t important enough in his life for him to make an effort to remember and do something special on that day. But it isn’t so.

My opinion is talk to him and find out the reason why he overlooked the day. You don’t have to raise a quarrel. Neither should you dump him. You need to let him know that you are feeling hurt that he forgot and that you are trying to understand why.

Yes, women like to feel appreciated. But to men, working hard to give you a comfortable life, staying loyal and being there for you are probably more than enough proof of their love.

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