Why I didn’t Reveal My Identity Before Mohbad’s death – Mohbad’s Mum

In a recent interview, the mother of the late Afrobeat singer, Mohbad, bravely shared her reasons for not publicly acknowledging her relationship with her son.

During the interview, Mohbad’s mother revealed that she was well aware of the constant assaults and bullying that her son endured throughout his life. She explained that he lived in fear and believed that the attacks had ceased, until he was violently beaten during his final E.P.

Concerned for her safety, Mohbad’s mother decided to keep her identity hidden to protect herself from potential kidnappers. Despite the challenges they faced, she expressed her love and support for her son, sharing that she was proud of his achievements and artistic talent.

Mohbad’s mother’s decision to speak out about their relationship sheds light on the difficulties and pressures faced by artists and their families in the music industry. Her courage in sharing their story serves as a reminder of the importance of love, understanding, and support for individuals facing adversities in their chosen career paths.

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